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Men always like the world famous high quality and simple style of the watches. They often wear a sports watch or a watch matching suit. These watches are not only a symbol of their social status , but its low-key personality. When they choose to match dress watch , Patek Philippe , Breguet , and other well-known brands of watches is the best choice . As for sports watches , Rolex able to attract their attention.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin likes the watch very much, he used to wear the watch on his right hand . Most recently, he often wears Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar watch. In 2003, he was wearing a Patek Philippe Calatrava series watches. Another called President John F. Kennedy from a high quality watch can be a lover. In the 2006 Baselworld , the company debuted Omega Omega watches , the collection by the President . John often wears Louis Cartier tank. Yugoslav President Tito love red luxury, he was wearing the Omega . In the United States , former President George W. Bush , wearing TimexIndiglo. Another former U.S. President Bill Clinton is very smart, IQ over 180 . He is his infamous sex scandal in the world , but he also wore a simple style watch Vulcain Cricket . This watch is known as the president ‘s watch . Konrad Adenauer in Germany after World War II ‘s first prime minister , the first choice from the Swiss Omega . China , Chairman Mao Zedong and Premier Zhou Enlai as well as a gift from the two Swiss Rolex watch design and exceptional style . When the 36th and the 37th U.S. President Richard Nixon ‘s visit to China , it was discovered that he wore Omega .

However, not all celebrities wearing expensive watches. Mr. President Obama , was found wearing Jorg Gray’s price $ 325 . Common watches can also be known as Obama wear . Celebrities and famous watches always have a close relationship.

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