Separator Installed Using and Operating Technique

Spiral separator is a kind of separation equipment, which relies on fluid flow characteristic to achieve different density mineral separation under the action of gravity and centrifugal force. Since the early 1990s the Spiral separator has used in coal preparation industry to separate coarse coal slime at the level of 3-0.15 mm. In coal-producing countries such as America and Australia, spiral separator has been widely used.
The product is suitable for separating the fine materials with granularity of 0.3-0.02mm iron ore, limestone, chromites, trotline, zirconium, retiles, monazite, centimes, wolfram ore, stannary, tantalum materials, niobium minerals and other nonferrous metal, rare metal and nonmetal.To maintain the effect of the screw separation machine, we should control the pressure. The traditional separator level and pressure control adapt the constant pressure control technology. In the variable pressure level control, it take use of the connection between the float level controller and the oil and gas regulating value to control the amount of crude oil and natural gas liquid instead of the splitter a pressure control. Variable pressure level control method can minimize the oil and gas outlet valve of the throttle, reducing the pressure of the separator to improve the separation effect.
Make the spiral chute stand, adjust the vertical line, fix the proper place with the iron structure or wood. Make the ore sand delver to two feed openings of the screw chute top, add enough water, adjust the mash density, the mash flows freely from the high and produce the centrifugal force at the speed of the rotary, divide the sand and ore, the concentrated materials come into bucket with the tract, gangue comes into the bucket with the tract to the sand pool, and pimp off, and finally complete the whole process.

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